Our online consultations provide a confidential and convenient space for you to discuss any health concerns that are worrying you. Our simple online booking system gives you fast access to see a licensed TCM practitioner from the comfort and privacy of your own home. You can choose an appointment from a list of time slots that suits your own schedule, receive a same-day diagnosis and prescription by email, and have your Chinese medicinal herbs delivered to your door within 24 hours (if in the UK).


  1. Book a convenient appointment using our simple online calendar. If necessary, you may be asked to send us a photo of your lesion or tongue in advance. Have your online consultation via video using a smart phone or device.
  2. Receive our comprehensive diagnosis and prescription for medicinal Chinese herbs via email. Receive your Chinese medicinal herbs by post within 24-hours (if in the UK).

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I couldn't recommend Rafal highly enough. He is very patient and conscientious and clearly has a deep knowledge of TCM. I had been suffering from anxiety for years. He picked up on this straightaway when he was making.his diagnosis. I couldn't believe how effective the medicine was. I felt its effects within.a couple of days, and it totally transformed me. The anxiety disappeared, and I felt deeply tranquil. It's like the medicine reset my system right.down to the molecular level. Thanks, Rafal!.You are a hero.

Chris Parkin

 “I’ve had painful periods for a number of years and had come to accept them as part of life. The herbs Rafal prescribed have significantly reduced my menstrual pain and made my cycle much more regular and predictable. I love that the herbs are 100% natural and based on an ancient healthcare system that not only considers our bodies as a whole, but also makes connections with our lifestyle and environment. I wish I had known years ago that women don’t need to struggle with period pain or to take painkillers, they just need the right combination of herbs. Rafal is extremely sensitive, thorough and professional and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone experiencing menstrual pain or any other health issue.”

Safiya Mary Rose 



Rafal Gierula is a qualified acupuncturist and licensed practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine. He tailors each consultation to a patient’s individual needs and aims to remedy the root cause of conditions as well as their symptoms. This approach not only ensures that the patient’s current problem is resolved, but also aims to enhance overall health, resilience and well-being.